I’m Jake —
a student focused on the intersection where creativity, business and innovative technologies merge.
From business problem, to creative design and technical solutions.
‍Previously operations intern Valtech Montreal.
Shop Unknown
Combining Python web scraping practices, API integrations and React JS to power a fully-featured complex search site.
Property Analyzer
Developing a JavaScript web app for dynamic investment and financial calculations.
Bolt Bootcamps
Leveraging no-code tools like Webflow to develop a unique, custom and fully responsive site for Bolt.
Curious and always learning — Bringing together multiple disciplines from my academic studies and from my own personal research. This fosters a high-level understanding of both technical and non-technical concepts which bridges a number of important gaps.
Information Systems
Business Analytics
UI / UX Design
Web Development
Data-driven decisions and sound business practices, with prototyping/technical skills for storytelling, communicating ideas to engineers and better understanding feasibility.
Nice to meet you!
My name is Jake Rosenthal, I’m currently studying at McGill University in my hometown of Montreal. I’m entering the last year of my triple concentration in Information Systems, Business Analytics and Finance.

I also serve as Director of Logistics for Bolt, a student-run business tech bootcamp. I have helped organize and plan events with 50+ participants and corporate sponsors such as Microsoft, Sonder and Holt Accelerator.

Last summer I interned at Valtech, a global digital agency. I also continued to work with them part-time while I was at school. In my time there I was mostly responsible for many of the internal data-related tasks such as producing monthly KPI reports, dashboards and custom spreadsheets. I also made major contributions to their internal wiki by creating formal and standardized documentation for their business processes.

In addition to my internship and experience with Bolt, I have been learning and improving my UI / UX and programming skills through my own personal/school projects, some of which are listed above. I believe these truly highlight my unique ability to combine creativity, business knowledge and technology to solve problems.

Find me at the links below.